CMMC-AB (CMMC Accreditation Body) updates the community on its progress in a note submitted to interested parties. Some of the activities, that were undertaken in such a short time since its inception, include the following:

  • CMMC AB has been incorporated as a nonstock corporation in the State of Maryland, with a tax exemption under IRS Section 501(c)(3) is pending.
  • Organization has adopted its bylaws, articles of incorporation, and a Code of Conduct and Rules of Ethics for board members.
  • It established an experienced and accomplished volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 15 members from a diverse cross-section of stakeholder organizations inside and outside of the supply chain.
  • It established a close and collaborative relationship with the Department of Defense (“DoD”) CMMC Program Management Office and their partners at DCMA, OSBP, Carnegie Mellon’s SEI and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.
  • It formalized its relationship with the DoD by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • CMMC AB has created committees and established initial functional and conceptual baselines for defining and implementing an adaptable and scalable ecosystem which supports the CMMC standard.  This ecosystem is currently projected to begin issuing DoD-recognized CMMC certifications no later than Q4 2020.
  • CMMC AB has setup a website to keep the DoD contractors, cyber security enthusiasts and other interested parties informed about their progress and to serve.
  • The Accreditation Body has scheduled a series of virtual National Conversations.  During these conversations, they plan to share progress as they have it to share, dispel rumors, and listen to input from the community.  The first National Conversation provides a broadly overview of CMMC, so that contractors, assessors, C3PAO’s, government agencies can get an update on our progress and the beginnings of our vision for the CMMC ecosystem.  

More information on CMMC-AB Updates on its progress can be found here

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