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What is SCADA system?

SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is an industrial system framework that includes both hardware and software architecture to control, monitor and analyze an industrial process. SCADA is an application software that enables managers, engineers, and industry operators, to supervise and communicate effectively with the working environment.

As an application software, SCADA is designed to assist industry experts in maintaining and improving industrial processes. Hence, the objective of SCADA is to collect real-time data, and store, process and generate reports for the complex industrial processes.

Why is it important to have secured SCADA system?

SCADA is an essential tool that provides networking systems, communication and security technologies, and standards which are necessary to facilitate the maintenance of industrial processes. The application of technology is important for individuals to innovate and develop processes that will assist industries in the near future.

The aim of SCADA is to provide individuals with techniques to choose, plan and design technologies for improving the business processes and other utilities. In addition, SCADA will assist individuals to learn the required skills that are essential to plan, direct, operate and manage a project system in a working environment. The importance of SCADA is the automation system which allows the organization and individuals to anticipate risk uncertainties, lower investment, maintenance costs and study optimal responses to the continuity of industrial processes.

Benefits of SCADA Security Certification

By becoming a Certified SCADA Security Manager you will be able to:

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  • Develop a vulnerability assessment framework in SCADA Security
  • Improve Access Control and Authentication Management
  • Maximize your productivity and improve product quality
  • Reduce your operating and maintenance costs
  • Achieve long-term profitable investments

How do I get started with the SCADA Security Training?

This training course is designed to help managers, supervisors, and operators in the field of IT to discover how to configure the required tools and features for developing and organizing a SCADA projects in industrial processes. The trainers are qualified and experienced professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and help you to achieve the goal of becoming a PECB Certified Lead SCADA Security Manager.

Certified SCADA Security training courses available

By attending Linqs provided SCADA Security training courses you will acquire the required knowledge and confidence to attain professional certification and enhance your career. Grab the opportunity and explore the following training course on how to become a Lead SCADA Security Manager.

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