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Two newly-appointed government ministers have been added to the Syria financial sanctions regime and are now subject to an asset freeze under EU regulation 36/2012:

1. YOUSEF, Mohamed, Mazen, Ali DOB: 17/05/1969. POB: Damascus Countryside, Syria Position: Minister of Industry Other Information: Minister of Industry. Appointed in January 2018. Listed on: 27/02/2018 Last Updated: 27/02/2018 Group ID: 13613.

2. SARA, Imad, Abdullah DOB: –/–/1968. POB: Damascus, Syria Position: Minister of Information Other Information: Minister of Information. Appointed in January 2018. Listed on: 27/02/2018 Last Updated: 27/02/2018 Group ID: 13614.

Details of five further people in the Syria financial sanctions regime have been updated:

1. AYYUB, Ali, Abdullah  a.k.a: (1) AYOB, Ali, Abdallah (2) AYOB, Ali, Abdullah (3) AYOUB, Ali, Abdallah (4) AYOUB, Ali, Abdullah (5) AYUB, Ali, Abdallah (6) AYUB, Ali , Abdullah (7) AYYOUB, Ali, Abdallah (8) AYYOUB, Ali , Abdullah (9) AYYUB, Ali, Abdallah DOB: 1952 POB: Lattakia, Syria Position: Minister of Defence. Appointed in January 2018. Other Information: Officer of the rank of General in the Syrian Army, in post after May 2011. Former Chief of General Staff of the Syrian Armed Forces. Listed on: 15/11/2011 Last Updated: 27/02/2018 Group ID: 12211.

2. AL-FURAYJ, Fahd, Jasim  DOB: 01/01/1950. POB: Hama, Syria a.k.a: (1) AL-FREIJ, Jasem (2) AL-FREIJ, Jasim (3) AL-FREIJ, Jassimm (4) AL-FURAYJ, Fahd, Jassem (5) AL-FURAYJ, Jasem (6) AL-FURAYJ, Jasim (7) AL-FURAYJ, Jassim Other Information: Former Minister of Defence and Deputy Commander in Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces Listed on: 16/10/2012 Last Updated:  27/02/2018 Group ID: 12763.

3. AL-SHARIF, Ammar a.k.a: (1) AL SHAREEF, Ammar (2) AL-CHARIF, Amar (3) AL-SHARIF, Amar (4) CHARIF, Ammar (5) SHARIF, Ammar (6) SHERIF, Ammar (7) SHERIF, Ammar, Medhat DOB: 26 June 1969 POB: Lattakia Nationality: Syrian Passport: Number: 010312413, issue number: 002-15-L093534, date of issue: 14 July 2015, place of issue: Damascus-Centre, expiry date: 13 July 2021. National Insurance Number: 060-10276707 Other Information: Leading Syrian businessman operating in Syria, active in the banking, insurance and hospitality sectors. Founding partner of Byblos Bank Syria, major shareholder in Unlimited Hospitality Ltd and board member of the Solidarity Alliance Insurance Company and the AlAqueelah Takaful Insurance Company. Listed on: 28/10/2016 Last Updated: 27/02/2018 Group ID: 13385.

4. TOURJMAN, Mohammed, Ramez DOB: –/–/1966. POB: Damascus, Syria a.k.a: (1) TOURJMAN, Mohamed, Ramez (2) TOURJMAN, Mohammad, Ramez (3) TOURJMAN, Muhammad, Ramez (4) TOURJUMAN, Mohamed (5) TOURJUMAN, Mohammad (6) TOURJUMAN, Mohammed (7) TOURJUMAN, Muhammad Position: Other Information: Former Minister of Information Listed on: 14/11/2016 Last Updated:  27/02/2018 Group ID: 13400.

5. AL-HAMU, Ahmad DOB: –/–/1947. a.k.a: AL-HAMO, Ahmad  Other Information: Former Minister for Industry Listed on: 14/11/2016 Last Updated: 27/02/2018 Group ID: 13406[/rockthemes_advanced_text]



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