As part of an ongoing review of open general licences and further to notices to exporters, U.K. Department for International Trade published changes that have been made to the list of permitted destinations on a number of Open General Export Licences (OGELs). Here is the brief list of the completed changes:

  • Organization has removed Yemen as a permitted destination on a number of dual-use OGELs to strengthen existing policy. The plan is to give the government greater oversight of all controlled exports to Yemen.
  • Lebanon has been removed as a permitted destination on 2 OGELs.
  • The Italian continental shelf has been added as a permitted destination on 2 OGELs.
  • Turkey is no longer a permitted destination for the open general export licence for military components. You can access the list of such military components here.
  • DIT will not allow registration for Open General Export Licence OGEL for military goods under A400M collaborative programme until further notice. A notice to this effect has been added to the front page of the OGEL. A new version of this licence has been published (see paragraph 2.2).
  • It is now possible to register for the Open General Export Licence for exports in support of joint strike fighter (F-35 Lightning II).

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