Source: The Wall Street Journal

YANGON, Myanmar—Washington isn’t ready to fully shed sanctions on Myanmar, instead awaiting progress on issues including human rights as the government run by Aung San Suu Kyi takes charge, the U.S. ambassador to the Southeast Asian nation indicated.

The Obama administration must make an annual ruling on whether to continue sanctions when the underlying legal basis for the program expires next week.

Ambassador Scot Marciel told a forum Tuesday that he “cannot yet say what the outcome of that review will be,” but that the goal of sanctions is to support change and “equitable economic development.” Any restrictions having a broader impact on overall economic growth and trade will be reassessed, he said.

U.S. sanctions began almost three decades ago with the goal of forcing a harsh military regime to loosen its hold on power. They were slowly eased starting in 2012 under the previous government led by…


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