December, 2021 – Orlando, FL

Linqs has signed a partnership agreement with PreVeil, a leading provider of end-to-end secure platforms. With this partnership Linqs now offers all-in-one solution to its customers looking for a secure, easy to deploy, and affordable platforms to achieve compliance with the regulations such as ITAR, DFARS, NIST800-171, CMMC, and other information security and privacy management standards.

Linqs applauds the efforts of PreVeil in addressing the vulnerabilities of current e-mail and file sharing systems using end-to-end encryption and zero trust architecture. With PreVeil, companies are able to store and share CUI and ITAR controlled data securely. In addition, Linqs sees PreVeil solution as a simple and inexpensive supply chain tool for organizations that require the highest levels of security and compliance when collaborating with their suppliers. Further, when the systems are under attack companies must assume their existing systems are compromised and PreVeil enables the incident response team to easily and securely communicate out-of-band from their desktop and mobile devices.

“Organizations which are in need of easy to deploy and affordable software to achieve compliance with the CMMC, NIST800-171, and ISO 27001 have now a great choice to implement. We are happy to offer one of the leading end-to-end secure solutions, PreVeil, to our customers,” said Marina Truhanova, VP Business Development and Partnership of Linqs.

About Linqs
Linqs provides a full scope of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) advisory services to corporations and organizations. We have the expertise and knowledge to solve the complex compliance issues facing high-tech industries, and take the time to understand our clients and their specific needs. Linqs specializes in the following areas of Cybersecurity, Global export controls, and ISO/AS Quality Management Systems:
• Cybersecurity assessment, consulting, policy, and procedure preparation
• EAR, ITAR, and OFAC export control consulting services
• Know Your Customer (KYC) and Vendor risk screening services
• QMS certification consulting and audits
• In-house training on compliance risk management and controls
• Seminars and workshops

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About PreVeil

PreVeil brings radically better security to ordinary business and personal communication and information storage. Much of today’s technology is focused on essentially building “taller walls” around data services. But despite significant investments in security, technology and practices, devastating breaches occur every day.
With its Secure E-mail, Secure Drive, and Secure Enterprise solutions, PreVeil comes with a rich suite of enterprise tools for administrators to manage their organizations and offers a fundamentally different security paradigm based on three core principles:
• End-to-end encryption
• No Central Point of Attack
• Ease of Use

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