CMMC Certified Professional Training (Live + Self-Study) (with CCP Practice Exam)


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Content & Agenda

CMMC Certified Professional Training (CCP) enables participants to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) model and its requirements. It is also a gateway for assessors and instructors, as it is a prerequisite to Certified Assessor Level 1 and Level 2, and Certified Instructor certifications.

Delivery Format

This is a Guided Learning with live session + self-study. You will self-study at your desk, at your pace.  Full access to the training material as soon as enrolled.

You will have 8 hours of live session with your CMMC Instructor divided into two days.  Candidates will be provided with the training course material containing over 500 pages of explanatory information, examples, exercises, and quizzes. Live sessions are held in a rotating basis allowing candidates to join the next sessions if their schedule does not permit attending any particular date/time.

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CMMC Certified Professional Training (CCP) Agenda

  • Managing the Risks in Defense Supply Chain
  • Introduction to CMMC stakeholders, ecosystem, references, FCI, and CUI
  • Marking and protecting the CUI
  • CMMC model and domains
  • CMMC levels 1 and 2
  • Scoping certification and assessment boundaries
  • CMMC assessment process
  • Code of professional conduct



There will be at least three assignments to be delivered online. These assignments provide the CCP candidate with hands-on experience in CMMC evaluation and self-assessment. They will be reviewed by the instructor to ensure the candidate is on track and is progressing through the content successfully.


Final Test

Course includes a final assessment test that will measure how prepared the candidate is for the “CMMC Certified Professional (CCP)” exam. Passing this assessment will be a pre-requisite for accessing the CCP exam.


Practice Exam

This particular package also includes the online delivery of CCP Practice Exam. The CCP Practice Exam uses the same weights as the official certification exam for the exam domains, providing the equivalent balance of item coverage for preparation. It mimics the actual CCP exam with 170 Questions and 3.5 hours-time limit per take. Unlimited re-takes are included.


There is no specific prerequisite for participating in this training course, however, it is recommended to have a general knowledge of cybersecurity and information technology concepts and principles.


CMMC CP Examination

The CMMC CP exam fully meets the requirements of the Cyber Accreditation Board (Cyber AB). It evaluates the participant’s knowledge of the CMMC model, its relevant supporting materials, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and the CMMC ecosystem. The “Certified CMMC Professional” exam covers the following domains:

Domain 1: CMMC Ecosystem

Domain 2: Cyber-AB Code of Professional Conduct (Ethics)

Domain 3: CMMC Governance and Sources Documents

Domain 4: CMMC Model Construct and Implementation Evaluation

Domain 5: CMMC Assessment Process (CAP)

Domain 6: Scoping

For additional information on the Cyber AB exams, please visit



1. Complete the CCP application process to obtain your CMMC Professional Number (CPN). Register with the Cyber AB at and sign the Professional Code of Conduct (CoPC). You will need to provide us with a CPN by the completion of your training so we can update the Cyber AB on completion of your training.


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